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.::Wish upon a falling star::.

24 April 1986
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 I'm 21

Main obsessions:

Jordan Pundik

Patrick Fugit

James Bourne

Pierre Bouvier

Jonathan Ansell

Danny Jones


Peter Crouch

~ I'm addicted to Simple Plan ~

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I used to have alot of crap written here and I probably still do. Ill just leave you with a bit more.
http://www.myspace.com/JellyPundik = me
http://www.last.fm/user/JellyPundik/ = my bad music taste
50's clothing, adema, amy studt, bagpuss, bass guitarists, beanie hats, blink 182, blonde hair dye, blondie, blue stuff, bob moffatt, boobs, boxcar racer, boys, bracelets, britney spears, bubblegum, busted, buttercup, camden town, candy floss, care bears, cherry juice, chris hide, clint moffatt, computers, corn dogs, crappy punk rock, daphne and celeste, dave moffatt, debbie harry, deodorant, douchebags, dude wheres my car, eating food, elliot daubney, eric lively, family guy, finch, food, friends, fruit punch, g4, girls, glitter and sparkles, goats, gob, grease, guitars, guttermouth, hair gel, halo friendlies, hanson, harry potter, hawaii, hear'say, herpes, hole, internet, jack russels, james bourne, jelly babies, jelly tots, jodie and the pussycats, joel and benji madden, jonathan ansell, jordan pundik, josie and the pussycats, kavana, kelly osbourne, kittie, lfo, magnums, marilyn manson, mary janes, mcfly, men, mest, michelle mcmanus, movies, music, mxpx, new found glory, nickelodeon, nofx, noses, oasis, opm, ozzy osbourne, panda purses, pandas, peanut brittle, peanut butter and jelly, peter crouch, pierre bouvier, pink and black, pink stuff, pizza, pop idol, puppies, rancid, reproduction, reset, robert ian bowen, role model clothing, savage garden, saved by the bell, scott moffatt, shane west, simon birch, simple plan, social distortion, something corporate, son of dork, spice girls, spikey hair, sporks, stalking rock bands, stars, stripey socks, sugarcult, sweat bands, take that, tattoos, teddy bears, teen flicks, the androids, the ataris, the beach boys, the moffatts, the osbournes, the pact, the powerpuff girls, the sims, the starting line, the vandals, the vengaboys, tom delonge, tommy girl, tongues, trainers, turkey, tweety-pie, violent delight, wakefield, wallpaper, westlife, wheatus, will and grace, wishbone